i have a question . . . very important!
i just found out about this site and I was so thrilled to find it. thanks google! lol anyways i have a question to ask Deluwiel, or any other person who knows the answer, how do you get the moving smiley faces?
darkness has fallen and the moon is full . . . this is my signal . . . my last breath . . .
Hi, midnight_darkness! :wave:

When you write a message, there should be a box to the left of where you're writing the text.

It's full of different smilies you can use. At the bottom of the box, there's a link that says [ Get More ]

Click on that, and a new window will pop up with even more smilies. Hope that helps!
to the left of my reply box it says . . .

Your Reply:
See Forum Rules (below) for
more information about what
codes you are allowed to use
in your posts.

then i scroll down and all it is, is the options part.

I don't get why i can't get these moving smileys?
darkness has fallen and the moon is full . . . this is my signal . . . my last breath . . .
Often times, problems like this are solved by simply deleting your cookies. Cookies will re-establish themselves after being deleted as soon as you go to that site again. There are instructions for your particular browser in this sticky thread at the top of this forum.

If that still doesn't work, let me know, and I'll have Dixie take a look. She's out for a little while, but will be back shortly.
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