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Does anyone think The Exorcist, The Beginning was scarier or as scary as the first Exorcist?

My grandson says it's much scarier than the first. I disagree. I still say the first Exorcist is the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Parts of the Exorcist, the Beginning doesn't fit in with the story they told about Father Merrin in the first Exorcist. Did anyone notice what I mean?

Did you even like the movie?:tongue:
I haven't seen the newest one, but I know there's this whole generation gap when comparing the two. The original was fairly freaky, just by what it suggested, rather than what it showed. Everyone in the movie was completely terrified by the possessed girl because she represented that no one was safe from the touch of Satan, even the innocent.

It's the same with watching Omen. Initially, the movie had such a vast impact because it was, essentially, breaking new ground.

These later sequels, updates and whatnot are more thrill rides, and thus offer so many jump-out-of-your-seat moments per minute. Older films moved at a slower pace, which in my opinion, gave the audience a greater amount of time to absorb what they were being told/shown, and thus provided for a larger scare factor during the climax.

The Changeling staring George C. Scott is a prime example of an older style movie that I found to be rather frightening in its scope. Thir13en Ghosts, on the other hand, is an excellent example of the latter kind of movies, that go in more for thrills than chills.
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I've not seen any of the Exorcist movies. Though I did read one fan review that compared The new one to Raiders of the Lost Ark, as, apparently, the Father is on a quest for some artifact.

It's worth noting that it takes lots more to scare an audience now than it did in 1973, when the first film in the series came out. By the time the slasher days of the 80s came and went, horror had pretty much run its course in the way of anything truly scary. At this point I'd say it's more or less old hat.

Which is not to say that good horror/thriller movies can't be made

(says sheepishly...) I really liked it...but not as a horror movie.It didn't really strike me as a movie that set out to scare people directly but as an allegory.I left the theater with a lot of questions concerning the nature of really evil people and whether an outside influence (call it/him
what you will) could control them.Although the special effects were second rate, the writing, acting, and even the music was very good.
Ah well, to each his own!Wink
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Don't feel bad in the least about enjoying a movie. Movies appeal to different people in different ways, or don't appeal to people in different ways. Added to that, there are even some admittedly bad movies that smaller audiences have enjoyed. The term "cult classic" has been given to movies that are generally acclaimed to be bad by most audiences, but have found a home with a few who enjoy the appeal of the story.

I greatly dislike labelling any movie "the worst" or "the best", since I don't believe there is such a thing, even for me. There are movies that definately appeal to me, and movies that definately leave me feeling like I've wasted my time. But in general, those who choose to use such labels, especially "the worst" are only responding the the moment of the movie, and not to the entire cinemascape of all movies ever released.

I find it highly dubious that any movie with a reasonably sized budget (for randomness sake, let's say $10-15 million) could ever be accounted "the worst" when staked up against small-budget B-movies. "The worst" movie ever made, will be one that had a very small budget, since this will immediately translate into a limited scope of actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, costuming, sets, etc. It will be one that had aa very limited (if at all) release to theaters, and that had very little box office, if any at all.

The Exorcist: The Begining doesn't meet any of these criteria, having a budget of about $30 million, and having grossed $41 million domestically, and another $14 million internationally at current. DVD and wider international release will always drive that figure up.

My favorite candidate for "the worst movie", Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (and yes, "flesh" is spelled correctly). It was straight to video, limited release, and the only way to see it now is to pick up a $10 copy on Ebay. Let me save you the time by saying: Don't bother. You'd be better off taking your $10, buying a spoon, and digging a hole for an hour to bury the rest of your money.
All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.

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