Question on Ignore Feature?
I have a question about the ignore feature and let me clarify I am not asking because I want to use this it any where here on Sci Fi forums. :bg: Everyone has always seemed very polite here and respectful of other opinions, and you mods do a great job of keeping it that way.

I was just looking over the CP and got curious because I may be tempted to use it on a completely non related board. If you put someone on your ignore list are they made aware of it? I mean I suppose they would guess after awhile if you never responded to anything they said, I just wondered if any notice was sent directly or anything because that seems like it could get awkward if you had mutual friends among your fellow posters.

I hope you don't mind me asking this here since it isn't technically about this board just a function included on it. I apologize in advance if it is the wrong place to ask. I'm thinking now I should have posted under general feedback or off topic but that seemed more in depth disscussions about life rather than computer questions.
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Not a problem and quite a normal question to ask Smile I can only reference v-bulletin style forums as all forums are different and can be set up differently by their respective owners.

At Sf-Fandom if you put someone on ignore no one is aware of it but you. Placing someone on ignore means you cannot see or read their posts in the forums unless someone else has quoted them in a following post.

Example you have Person1 on ignore and they post something in a wont be able to see it. Now person2 comes along and answers them but uses a quote from Person1 post you will see their post plus the quote...clear as mud.

In almost all forums it is not permitted to put Mods or Admins on ignore

I hope that helps you a little
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Thank you Stripe.:daisy:

The board in question is also powered by V. Boards so it bet it is the same policy. Thanks again for the information. It helps a great deal! Smile
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