Strife and Deimos
Joel Tobeck was great in both these roles but which one did you find more annoying?Rolleyes

For me I have to say Deimos aside from the really bad costume :anxious: his ridiculous laugh just drove me nuts chalk on a blackboard

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I loved Strife, so I would have to say it was Deimos....he was just brilliant at being annoying!
Both !!! :bg: Both characters to me were annoying to the point of almost causing physical pain when watching :eek:
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I have to go along with Sabina-both of them nearly drove me crazy! How Ares was able to put up with them is beyond me!:bg:
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On speaking to Joel about the two characters he did say he had used all his best features when portraying Strife so it was very difficult for him to find something new to set Deimos apart from Strife.
I think he did a pretty good job of it though.

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Loved Strife, sort of reminded me of a mix between Sid Vicious and Jim Carey, I was always expecting him to bust out and say "Alrighty then!"

I think the Strife from what I've seen of Young Hercules is more Deimos like then what he was in HTLJ. I did find Deimos annoying...but I just found Strife fun...sorta a dangerous childish Armand or Claudia from Interview with a Vampire...and there was that one scene in End of the Beginning with the hinds blood arrow in which he is sort of coaxed into shooting Herc, right before that...that character is the most naive and child-like and it looks like he is having a internal debate within himself about doing it.

But Deimos was a just embodiment of about every possible nervous disorder known, which was kind of cool being that Deimos is a fear god, so the twitching, extra nervousness, loud annoying laugh, panicking and stuff was really impressive...he really made Deimos the personification of fear.

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Deimos was basically just a more insane version of Strife.
Strife every time!
I have to admit when Callisto killed him I wanted to tear her black heart out. Had she killed Deimos instead, I would have cheered. Wink Gods spare me that demonic insane laugh :there:

At least Strife was a reliable wimp with an ability to grate on your nerves while still making you laugh and giving him an 'A' for his efforts. :crazy:
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