Happy Birthday, Strife! (July 23)
Happy Birthday, Strife! (July 23)

The Birthday Amazon, Strife, smiled to herself while dreaming of her day ahead. Outside the birthday suite doors stood two Birthday Scroll Keepers and two Birthday Escorts looking each other over a little awkwardly. Feral and Shamba had been told to have everything ready for the first escorts to greet the birthday Amazon. They knew that the escorts were at the birthday Amazon’s request but they hadn’t expected them to be Strife and Discord. Both escorts had brought baskets obviously filled with gifts and flowers. However, the contents of each basket were tucked under rich looking cloths of black with silver embroidery. Discord and Strife clutched the baskets close carefully guarding them from the Scroll Keepers. After all these birthday gifts were for their friend, Amazon Strife. No one else was going to see them until they put them in her hands themselves!

“Good Morning, “ Discord said smiling her best make-them-feel-at-ease smile. “I believe you have some things ready for us to take inside to Strife?”

“Indeed we do, Goddess! There’s a lovely assortment of things to eat and drink here for you all this morning.” Feral answered in her best business like-we-will-please-you-so-much-you’ll-beg-for-more voice.

“Well,” the god Strife giggled .”With that over, let’s get on to the main event.”

“Happy Birthday, Strife!”
“Good morning and Happy Natal Day!”
“Happy, Happy Birthday!”
“Have we got good things for you!”

Strife heard the greetings before everyone was inside the room. She smiled at the scroll keepers bringing in food. Then she saw her first escorts and her smile grew even larger.

Some Amazons would find Discord and Strife to be rather intimidating birthday escorts but not Amazon Strife. She had spent some time training under Ares’ tutelage and then stayed on to help the GOW and other Amazons organize a campaign against a coalition of warlords and thieves. During this time, she got to know Discord and Strife better than other mortals ever had. The short story is she found something interesting and likeable in them both and had remained friends with them. She discovered that once you had gained their confidence that confidence was a bond for eternity.

While the god was busy bringing the Amazon’s favorite foods to her, Discord revealed what was in the baskets. A beautiful dozen white roses with black ribbons was in the basket from Strife. Discord’s basket was a little smaller and had a bouquet of white rose buds with silver ribbons. Amazon Strife has a taste for the small, dark chocolate cakes from Ares’ temple kitchen and both baskets were packed full of them.

“Happy Birthday, my friend!” Discord smiled (she’s really quite pretty when she smiles) and gave the Amazon a hug.

“Yes, a very Happy Birthday to you!” the God Strife said. He took both her hands in his and kissed each one and then kissed her.

“What a great way to start my birthday!” Amazon Strife was delighted with her gifts and escorts that morning.

All that morning Discord’s shrieks of laughter, Strife’s giggles and Amazon laughter would be heard in the hall as the friends visited, joked and ate together.

Stripe and Gemini arrived to take Strife to her next escort and found her humming and singing to herself. The two divinities had departed moments earlier by stepping off the balcony in showers of blue and silver sparks leaving the Amazon quite happy from their visit.

Stripe perused a small scroll with Ares’ official seal.

“Our instructions,” stripe read, “Are to take you to the oak tree near the wall on the north side of the palace gardens.”

It wasn’t far to walk for the scroll keepers and the Birthday Amazon. It was a beautiful summer day, not too hot yet. Strife wore a short skirt, high leather boots and a green sleeveless, summer weight tunic. Summer flowers bloomed in the gardens. Enough rain so far this summer kept the fields and gardens green. Strife wore a short skirt, high leather boots and a green sleeveless, summer weight tunic.

At the oak tree, the three stopped in the shade.

“Aw, c’mon, Ares, where are you? I’ve been waiting all year for this! Don’t disappoint me! ” Amazon Strife pouted. She knew he couldn’t be far away and was listening.

“I’ve never disappointed a wom--Amazon in my immortal life!” An unseen voice answered sharply from the ether.

“AND I’m certainly not going to disappoint YOU, today!”

A shimmering cloud enfolded Strife and transported her out of sight.

The cloud faded away; she stood in a green and cool wooded grotto. The colors and sounds of the grotto were extraordinarily sharp and clear.

She turned around to see a forest pool and a green open area where the God of War was watching her. He lay on one side on a black and silver blanket with an arrangement of food and drink with his reach. He was wearing black leather trousers; but he was bare-chested and barefoot. He gave her a smile of pleasure; her heart beat a little faster.

He was beautiful to watch as he got to his feet and walked toward her stretching up to his full height. Her heart beat a little harder. He was wide in the chest and shoulders and very muscular. At the same time he was lithe and moved like a great cat, deliberately and quietly. All the while his dark fathomless eyes watched her and drew her gaze to his.
And her heart beat a little faster ...a little harder ...

Suddenly, he was right in front of her. He slipped one strong arm behind her and drew her toward him. His other hand cupped her chin and he brought his lips down to meet hers.

"Happy Birthday, my Amazon Strife!" and he kissed her again.

The GOW scooped her up in his arms and carried her effortlessly to the blanket ...and kissed her long and hard this time. *The rest of this lovely interlude can, unfortunately for us, only be hinted at ...I don't think she was disappointed Wink Big Grin..*EEWG *

In preparation for her birthday soiree, Strife was treated to a massage and soothing bath. Lyrical dressed her hair up on her head with small tendrils trailing down her shoulders. Jo brought her teal blue gown with an elegant off-the-shoulder neckline. The dress hung almost to the floor from her waistline. Her silver bracelets with a black jade stones was from Ares and her black jade necklace was from the god Strife. The birthday Amazon smiled at her beautiful reflection in the mirror.

Both the God of War and the God of Strife were in elegant soft black leathers with silver trim. As they descended the staircase to the party crowd of friends, Strife thought she'd had the best birthday every! And the chorus of voices sang to them,

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday, dear Strife!
Happy, Happy Birthday to You!

With best wishes for your birthday,
Shamba and the Birthday Scroll Keepers
and Artist Chimera who presents You
with this Card for Today,

[Image: strife.jpg]
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I hope your day is full of laughs, fun and lots of mischief!

Great story Shamba, purr on the description of Ares!! :clap: :clap:

And the card is wonderful Chimera!
All the best to you on your special day, Strife!
hallo STRIFE :coffee:
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY :blow: :party: :birthday:
best wishes from Italy
ciao :bg:
Kevin = ENCHANTING MAN :thud:
:birthday: A very happy birthday to you, Strife :birthday:

May it be filled with everything your heart desires and more ...

Wow, what a great story and card, ladies !!
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~Happy Birthday~ Strife

And what a great start to it too.... ENJOY!!

Nice job ladies

~Strangers are just friends waiting to happen~
Happy Herkie Birthday Strife!! Have a wonderful day!! ANd if Ares smiled at me like that then my day would be perfect!!:party: :alien: :birthday:

Great work yet again on the story ladies and what a GORGEOUS card...
Oh gee - if only insecure bozos did it for me - I'd be the happiest guy in space

See, this is how it's going to happen - I'm going to count to ten and I want your answer by seven. Hunt out!!.

Dylan Hunt - oh yes - pure class :drool:
Happy Birthday, Strife! I hope it's a great day for you,and judging by your story,I'm sure it will be! :birthday: :blow: :party:

Great story & card,ladies!Smile
"what the world needs now is love"
I'd like to say 'have a Happy Birthday' but I think that inevitable Smile so instead I'll say just enjoy every mad bad and delightfully wicked moment.

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Cheers, :hello:

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Happy Birthday Strife, hope you have a wonderful day :party: :party: :party:

Great story Shamba :clap:

Happy Birthday Strife!!
I hope you have a great day like your story and card!!

^Calico^ :paw:
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^Calico^ :paw:
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A very happy birthday to you Strife!

hope all you wishes are granted and you have as much fun as your story was to read! *licks lips* :drool:

Hugs and Love
~ Lana
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Happy Birthday {{{{Strife}}}}} make sure you
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I love the story and the card is terrific ... :bg:
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Hope your birthday was filled with wonderful surprises and fun!!!!!!!!!!:party: :birthday:
Hope you had a wicked good time with your escorts. Rolleyes
Happy belated birthday Strife! :clap:
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Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
Sorry Strife, I'm to late.
But I wish you all the best.
Hope you had a great day.

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Happy Birthday, Strife Smile

I loved the character, in fact, Strife was my favorite after falafel, head sister, & the Enforcer

Please deloak, Strife & tell us of your recent endeavors!

Strife!! Sorry I'm so late but I hope your special day was as great as your story and card.

Nice work! Wink :clap: :clap:


This was so sweet, thanks everybody!

I'm finally getting back to it...after meaning too and meaning too...

Shamba and Chimera you guys did a wonderful job! You rule!

And I Big Grin just love what the loverly story implied....:drool:

Friday not much went on actually, I got busy doing things that needed to be done and there wasn't any celebration, a few online friends wished me Happy Birthday and such but other then that Friday was pretty much like any other day. Saturday my best friend came by and we had a splendid time...she brought me by a bag of goodies which there's an inside story behind...she says this isn't the real birthday present because it's not finished yet which makes me curious as to what on earth shes done! (Bag of Goodies: "The last unicorn" on dvd, blow bubbles, a bunch of PopRocks, and a nifty candle lighter...never seen one of those things before...it's kind of cool and I'm thinking it could even be a useful weapon since it's kind of gun like...with trigger and on...goodbye pepper spray...hello candle lighter...Okay that's just silly...nevermind.) and a icecream B-day cake...*L* we went out and had a salad and a pizza...Awesome Stuffed Crust Cheese Lovers with Mushrooms and Ham...and we went and fed the ducks at the park. It was rather serene.

We got so stuffed that when we got back we couldn't bare to cut into the cake...and so she went home and my cake is still sitting in the freezer untouched...*L*

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