One thing that gets me
I noticed in a lot of movies, ussally horror or sci fi, that of the group that makes up the main characters, soldires, mercenaries, etc will be killed, often first, while more mundain people will survive. Why is that? Wouldn't you think a trained fighter might have a better chance of surviving than someone who isn't?
O, Deamondbleed, has watching Star Trek reruns not taught you anything? PLOT DEVICE, good man, plot device. Overmuch used and can be a scoring game for those inclined: how many of x in what number of minutes will have been lost to show us the nature of the beastie? Lowest score has to buy popcorn for all!!!:bg: :ohno: :bg: Wink
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Also, if you were an alien pedator bent on the slaying of a group of humans, who would you attack first? The armed humans, or the cowering-in-fear-too-afraid-of-their-own-shadow humans? Simple tactics suggests you take out the viable threats first, and then the softer targets.

Also, it allows the audience to see the reaction of both the armed team to the slaying of a member of that team (Predator is an excellent example) as well as the response among non-trained members. Add to this the potential for said non-coms to rise to the occasion, and we have the "triumph of the human spirit" or at least a moment of pathos that the audience can relate to: average-Joe/Jane took on the bad guys, and we could too.
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killing off the higher trained "soldiers" leads way for the main character to triumph over insurmountable odds, and seem to the audience that that character is much more dynamic because of it? besides where would the fun be if one of the soldiers walked in a blew alien apart right before Ripley opens the door into space. noone would care about their success becasue it was a trained "soldier" Smile

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