Happy Birthday Flora!! (July 3rd)
Flora’s Birthday Story:

The sun was just peeking over the horizon when the Scroll Keepers headed up to the birthday suite carrying Flora’s breakfast. At the top of the stairs they were met by the birthday girl’s first escort. “I’ll take it from here” He said as he took the tray and turned to enter the suite. “Um, excuse me,” Gemini said, “But you’re not supposed to go in there until we get Flora ready.” “You do know who I am,” he stated. The all nodded. “Good. I’ll make sure Flora gets to her next excort in plenty of time and back here as well.” He entered the suite and closed the door. After setting the breakfast things on the small table on the balcony he went to wake the birthday girl. Flora lay on the bed dreaming of the wonderful birthday she would have. “Wake up Flora and let’s watch the sun rise together.” Kull said softly as he trailed a finger down her cheek. Flora opened her eyes and smiled at her first escort just before he kissed her.
“Happy Birthday my sweet.” He said. “Get dressed and meet me on the balcony.” As soon as Kull left, Flora hopped out of bed, dressed and went to join him.
After a leisurely breakfast Kull took her hand and led her to a carriage where they were whisked away to an unknown place. The ride was filled with laughter, talking and kissing. All to soon for Flora, the carriage stopped. Once the door was opened however, she was excited to see a white sandy beach with bright blue waves caressing the shore. “This is wonderful!” Flora exclaimed. “I wish we could go swimming.” “Then swimming it will be.” Kull declared, turning Flora so she could see three tents set up. “Thank you so much!” Flora said kissing Kull on the cheek. The rest of the morning and early afternoon were spent swimming, playing in the water, kissing, and….(darn that PG rating…) After changing, they met in the large tent where Kull had arranged for fresh fruit, cheeses, breads and lemonade to be served. After eating, Kull handed Flora a small box. “Happy Birthday my sweet.” He said. Her eyes widened as she held up a single pearl on a silver chain. “It’s beautiful,” she said. “So delicate. Would you put it on for me?”
“It would give me great pleasure,” Kull said, “However, it shall have to wait until tonight. I see your next escort has arrived.” Flora started to protest, but Kull kissed her and whispered, “Tonight my sweet, tonight.”
Flora smiled as she ran out of the tent and straight into Hercules arms. “Well, this is a very pleasant greeting.” He said kissing her on both cheeks and then on her lips. “Shall we go sailing?” Flora looked out and there on the ocean was a ship. “Oh yes,” she cried, “I’ve always wanted to sail with you. It’s like a dream come true.” Blushing at her last statement, Hercules laughed, picked her up in his arms and carried her on board. After hours of racing, laughter, kissing, sailing, kissing, sharing grapes, and of course sharing each….(PG rating again….grrr).
All to soon it was time to enter the carriage and retrace the route taken early. Hercules helped Flora inside, and on the seat was a small box. “For me?” she asked shyly. “Open it and see.” Hercules stated. She did and inside were pearl earrings that matched the necklace Kull had given her earlier. Flora spent the entire ride back to the palace “THANKING” Hercules.
No sooner had they arrived, then the Scroll Keepers whisked Flora off to be pampered, bathed and have her hair done. Stepping into her dress of deep coral, she was helped into matching slippers as the necklace and earrings were put on. Gazing into a full length mirror, Flora gasped at how she looked. “Wait until your escorts see you!” Shamba exclaimed. “They won’t be able to speak.” CJ stated. Stripe and Missferal opened the door and Flora stepped into the hall. Both escorts smiled and kissed her cheek. “You look incredible.” Kull said. “Absolutely stunning.” Said Hercules.
They walked down the stairs as of her friends sang,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Flora!
Happy Birthday to you!!!

May you spend the day with the ones you love who love you!
[Image: flora.jpg]
Card by Chimera
with a story that wonderful, youll have a great day..good work ladies, love that card too!!:bg:
Oh gee - if only insecure bozos did it for me - I'd be the happiest guy in space

See, this is how it's going to happen - I'm going to count to ten and I want your answer by seven. Hunt out!!.

Dylan Hunt - oh yes - pure class :drool:
Happy Birthday Flora :bg:

Hope you have a great day and who wouldn't with a story like that Wink

:birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

Woohoo, happy birthday Flora!!!!! I hope your day is fantastic and everything you wish for comes true!!!!!!!!!!! :party:

Awesome again ladies! The story and card are superb! :clap:
Yowza!! Flora, you must really be something!!

Terrific work scroll keepers! :clap:
Wishing you all the best on your special day. :party: :birthday:

Great story and fantastic card Lyrical and Chimera!! :clap: :clap:

Happy Birthday, Flora

hope your birthday is as memorable as your story!

hugs and love,
~ Lana
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Have a wonderful bouncing tiggerirific birthday Flora :bg:


Great work scroll team ...as always
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:birthday: :birthday: :birthday:
Happy belated Birthday 'Flora!!

Hope you had a great day.
May all your wishes come true.

[Image: BDFlora.JPG]

Great card and story Laides!:clap:
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Happy Happy Birthday Flora!!
I hope you had a Great Birthday my freind!!

I got your post card and I wish I was there!! Smile

^Calico^ :paw:
Great story and card Ladies!
[Image: minicalico.gif]
^Calico^ :paw:
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:blow: Happy birthday Flora, I hope you day was as wonder filled as your story. [Image: birthday.gif]Enjoy every moment of your special day :party:
Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
We miss you.

~Happy Birthday~ Flora

From your story and card, it sounded like you had a great start.

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...to ALL OF YOU , my Sf-Forum Friends !!!!!
At the moment I am at Bruna's Home ( I and Bruna are gone on vacation toghether for 3 days, and we are come back today ...).
THANK YOU , Lyrical , for the amazing Story ( sooooo beautiful ! I like it soooooo much !!!!!!! Wink )
THANK YOU Chimera for your superb Card !
THANK YOU kevfriend for your beautiful Card !
THANK YOU : Brandy , Chimera, MissB, Marzbar, Shait, Laleana Aruna, Stripe, Kevfriend, Starchild, Jopru and Calico ! You have made my Birthday - day very special ! It' is my first B-Day in the Forum- Family and it was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE !!!!!!!!! THANKS A LOT TO ALL OF YOU !!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :kiss:

Flora :wave:
Bruna :wave:

***Kevin:":My Italian Ladies,they are so sweet !"Heart***
Happy Belated Birthday :birthday: Hope your day was filled with much love and happiness. :bg:
Wandering Amazon,

:birthday: Happy belated Birthday, Flora !!! :birthday:

Sorry that I am so late, dear, but I was in and out all weekend ...

I hope your day was wonderful, filled with all your heart desires ! Confusedun:
And may the new year in your life be the best ever :kiss:

Great story and card, ladies !!! :drool: :drool: :drool:

Again sorry for being late, I am sending the magnificent Kull to make up for it :wink:

[Image: bd_flora.jpg]
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Thanks, Death Maiden and Sabina !
Sabina, your "Kull-card" is WON - DER - FUL ! :drool: :thud:
I will drown in those beautiful blue-eyes !!!! :thud:

Bruna :wave:

***Kevin:":My Italian Ladies,they are so sweet !"Heart***
So sorry to be late with my wishes, but I hope you had a great day,and if your story is any indication, I know you did!:blow: :birthday: :party:
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Happy Happy Birthday, Flora !! (even if I'm late!)

I hope you had a lovely day for your birthday and you had a great vacation with Bruna!

Great story, Lyri, and gorgeous card, Chimera!!

Nice cards for the birthday, Sabina & Kev Friend!
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I am come back at home,
still thank you to all of your (((((FORUM.FAMILY))))):clap:
your wishes to me :kiss:

thanks, many thanks for your wishes :bg:
always pleasant :clap: :clap:

Kevin = ENCHANTING MAN :thud:
Happy belated birthday {{{{Flora}}}}
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