the man who wasn`t there
great movie , the Coen`s are great , but im left with a question.......Towards the end of the movie Billy bob thorton walks outside of the prison and looks into the sky to see a floating spaceship . Now this is a dream sequence and I know the fucked up freaky gal warned him about a governement conspiracy regarding aliens and * * * * , but billy bob just gives a reassuring nod and walks back into jail to accept his fate . What does this symbolize? like I know there is no direct comprehension of this scene , but does anyone have a better view on it then me?
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The Coens are smart***es who like to throw unexpected twists into their movies. The UFO subplot to MAN WHO WASN"T THERE is pretty negiligible, but I don't think it is a dream. It just represents another aspect of the flaky fifties when there was a brief hysteria about flying saucer sightings.

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