How can it have more callories than a Big Mac, it only has 7g of fat
Has anyone seen [deep resonating voice] SUPER SIZE ME![/deep resonating voice]

What did you think?

Oh, and in answer to the above question, the calorites are all in the suger, not in the fat.
Please oh god almighty, don't get me started on SUPER SIZE. A film directed by a [edited to remove flame] Michael Moore wannabe. Of course eating nothing but macdonalds for a month is gonna make you sick, but anyone knows that. Macdonalds dosen't force you or even recommend anyone do that. And this guy was a vegetarian, so what do you think eating big macs, quarter pounders, cheeseburger, bacon&egg mcmuffins and so on is going to do to someone who hasn't eaten animal products in over a year?
And all because some [edited to remove flame bait] obese teens wanted to blame someone for their weight problems after realising buying 10 big macs for an afternoon snack wasn't a sound and healthy choice.

Waste of film.

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