....I'm trying to find out the name of a particular theme in TTT. Its the theme they play when Treebeard, Merry, Pippin and the other Ents are marching towards Isengard for war. The theme gets me hyped up for some odd reason. I'll appreciate the help. Thanks.
I'm not sure off hand, but here's the track listing from the soundtrack. I think it would be between #10 and #12. I'm sure someone on the boards knows for sure.

1. Foundations Of Stone Listen Listen Listen
2. The Taming Of Smeagol
3. The Riders Of Rohan
4. The Passage Of The Marshes
5. The Uruk-hai
6. The King Of The Golden Hall
7. The Black Gate Is Closed
8. Evenstar - featuring Isabel Bayrakdarian
9. The White Rider
10. Treebeard
11. The Leave Taking
12. Helm's Deep

13. The Forbidden Pool
14. Breath Of Life - featuring Sheila Chandra
15. The Hornburg
16. Forth Eorlingas - featuring Ben Del Maestro
17. Isengard Unleashed - featuring Elizabeth Fraser & Ben Del Maestro
18. Samwise The Brave
19. Gollum's Song - performed by Emiliana Torrini
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Wouldn't it be more like #17? I'm not sure, I think the theme is later in the CD than 10. I haven't listened to it for a while...
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I'm pretty sure it's Track 17 - Isengard Unleased that you are referring to.
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I think so too that Isengard Unleashed is the right song (I love that song!) but you have to wait awhile before the certain part about Treebeard comes on because in the movie the song takes place first at helmsdeep and then at Isengard.

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