If you were and Animagus...
Sorry if this has already come up in a topic before. But if you were an Animagus, what animal would you be? Just out of the normal animals - as said in another topic it would more than likely take quite a bit of magic to be a magical creature (and you can't go just anywhere). I think I would be a wolf. I just understand them, and I should, considering when I did an animal personality test I was most like a wolf :bg: . My second choice would be a cat (since they can go anywhere and not be conspicuous). So...what would you be?
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I think that I would want to be a cat too. I've always loved them.
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id want to be a hawk or something that could fly

even though i am not keen with heights, i think i would be alright if i knew how to flap my wings and soar, because than i am in control of my destiny

a hawk, probably
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I would definitely be a lemur. Not only are they nocturnal animals, but they are social animals, living in small groups. They have sharp claws and teeth, and they live in the trees. They are almost like monkeys and like to swing in trees.

Yeah, that'd be me.

Lemur all the way, baby.
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Some sort of bird. To fly would be the only reason not to be human! Well... I guess I would like to see what the colors humans can't see (like ultra violet?) look like. I would NOT want to be a fish though! I wonder about smelling better, probably a hassle! :tongue:
I'd have to choose cat as well. They're quick, clever, and independent. (At least all my cats have been) Not bad qualities to have.

They're also quite mean when they want to be.
a bat

big beautiful bat Big Grin
Definitely some kind of bird.

Possibly something original like a blue banded hawk.

Oh. Wait a minute.... Smile

Bought it. Off a man down the pub. Think he was quite glad to be rid of it t'be honest.
I'd want to be like Captiang, a hawk.
elephant of course, think of all the possiblities. imagine that in harry potter

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