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Is it fully ethical and within message board rules to 'import' the first post of a thread which I have started on another message board in order to start a thread on the same topic here at SFF?

Also, if 'yes' to the first... same question about a thread started by someone else on another message board? Or in this latter case, should either the thread-starter and/or administrator at the other MB be contacted for their permission?
Anything you write, regardless of where you write it, is your intellectual property (unless you write it as part of a work-for-hire contract). So, any thread you start on other forums, you are permitted to restart here with the exact same text.

If someone else starts a discussion you feel is interesting, it is better for you to simply rewrite the starting message in your own words. Try not to follow the original post too closely.

If you feel it's a short enough question or sentence that would not easily lend itself to rewriting, then go ahead and repost it. I have yet to see anyone get upset over a specific sentence or question which was not trademarked and not used as a trademark.
Thank you. I've become a bit of a prodigious poster on a Tolkien MB, so I wanted to try a few of my threads out on this group here. I'll do it in small doses though - maybe one per week at most. Just posted the first.

Didn't have particular threads by others in mind when I asked, but I added that part just in case... or to find out. I think I'll check with original starters as well, when possible.

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