Trivia Quiz
I found a copy of an old Wiscon V, Andre Norton Workshop, Trivia Quiz that I thought might be fun.
1. The name of Captain Jellico's pet hoobat:
2. Name for space-going branch of the Thieves Guild:
3. Eighth-house card in Kethan's tarot reading:
4. Gypsy tribe that produces moon-singers:
5. Slum of Korwar where two novels begin:
6. Goddess of fruitfulness to whom women pray during childbirth:
7. Tune played on drum by Dane Thorson to combat mass hypnosis:
8. Most important trade item to a Salarik:
9. Term for a high but not top-ranking official:
10.Common game of chance played across many worlds:

And as a matter of real trivia: The largest Special Norton Boxed set produced was a 77-book special boxed set of books made up by Books, Inc. in San Jose, was purchased as a Christmas present for $146.80. It was originally made up as a display joke, and was one of a kind, since so many of the books were going out of print at the time. Joe
Cool! Without any checking I got all but 3 & 7. And at 11 PM too. I am sooooo proud of myself--Later Kind Folks--Paul
It's after 10 pm & I'm just back from Baltimore.
I didn't have a clue on most of these. I better wait until tomorrow.

Sleep now.

PS: There was a huge box on my door step. I'm was to tired to do more than get the thing open. More stuff from under the table.
Much more rest has been gotten now. But I'm embarassed to say, that I definitely don't remember 2, 3, 4. I think I know 1 and 7. Gosh that's only 50%. Maybe that's why I can read the books over & over. I never remember the tiny details that make the books real interesting.


So Joe, do you own that 77 volume "boxed" set?
No Irene, I don't own the set, I found an old press clipping, and found it of interest, I have a small B&W photo showing it. I must admit that I only got 8 of the answers myself. Joe

I am emarassed to say I only got 6 of 10.

On the other hand, I'm sure we could come up with some additional trivia questions from our vast, combined knowledge of the Lady's works.....

Paul (no, the other one)
Captain of the ISS Andre Norton

By vocation, I am a Horta-master
By avocation, I am a reader
By Dream, I am a star-roamer
By choice, I am Andrefan

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