Mean Girls (possible spoilers)
Has anyone seen this movie? Could I have some info on it? lol, because I'm interested in seeing it, what I've seen has looked kinda interesting, so. . .

And I wouldn't mind spoilers! :tongue:

my god, what a world you love.
I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Very cute movie, I laughed all the way through. I like Lindsey Lohan's movies, she always does a great job and this continues that trend.

It's about a girl who grew up in Africa and has now moved to the States. Her parents, at her request, send her to public school right away. She winds up being befriended by some "freeks" who show her the ropes and who to avoid, and so on. Then she runs into the "plastics", aka the rich popular girls, and they decide to be nice and befriend her also. So she agrees to spy on the Plastics for her friends. When the ring leader of the Plastics makes a move on the guy she's interested in, she vows revenge.

Everyone I know who's seen it has enjoyed it also. I really suggest seeing it. It beats a lot of the movies that are out right now.
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Thanks muchly!:bg: That was a good summarySmile

Now all I have to do is convince my parents to let me go. . .very very strict and we (unfortunately) aren't really movie goers...*sigh* lol
my god, what a world you love.
is the movie worth seeing, because my friends want to see it, but i've had bad experiences with teen actors lik her and hilary, so im tossing whether its worth seeing, or is she just another teen actor with straitened hair who cant act

i also know she puting out a album
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Linday Lohan's a good teen actress, I haven't seen this one but in her previous movies she preformed well.

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