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Well, did anyone catch it?

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So Illyria can let Fred come through? or was she just assuming the identity of Fred? And if not, does that mean Fred still exists in her? Or like Illyria explained, she took that form for it was more pleasing to Wes? And did anyone feel that she was starting to Maybe like Wes? I thought it was funny hearing Angel say: "Wait, I never been in Italy during the 50's!" and we see that flashback of Spike! LOL And then Darla and Dru again!! So great to see them again! and Andrew!! My Andrew was back! :bg: He looked quite spiffy in the tux! and then the supposed image of Buffy dancing with the Immortal and that Italian branch of W&H. I can't believe only 2 more eps now!
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The strangest thing happened to me as I was watching this episode. Surprisingly I was really enjoying it until it went on commercail break. The next thing I know, I'm waking up to the end credits and I've missed the last 15(?) for so minutes of the episode. I saw most of the things that you mentioned Akasha but I'm left with the feeling that I missed something big. The WB in my area never shows Angel reruns so I'm hoping that TNT will show it soon. Maybe someone can fill me in on the ending?
I didn't really like the way the ended the whole Buffy, Angel, Spike Love Triangle. "Let's all just move on."? Is that what they're saying? We're supposed to move on without any REAL closure? Now Buffy is with some guy called The Immortal, which he must be a bad guy since he works with Wolfram and Hart(hence, returning the head to Angel when the Italian office said they would "handle it") But then again, The Immortal is kind of like Highlander, not really a good or a bad guy. Ugh. I STILL want Angel and Buffy to be together, and it will be that way until the day that I die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, aside from ... that ... the ep. was pretty funny. I like the comic chemistry that Spike and Angel have together. Angel: "I've saved the world." Spike: "And I haven't?" Angel: "I helped close the Hellmouth." Spike: "So did I." Angel: "You just wore a necklace."
Oh, and the part of that convo where Angel was like "I stopped Acathla, and that was saving the world." He was like "I told Buffy to kill me....with my eyes..." or something. It was just funny.

Oh, and classic-ness. Andrew: "Spike, is Angel crying?" Spike: "No! . . . Not yet."

Great episode...aside from the Buffy thing.. :-P
I'm not really sure how to take the Buffy/Immortal thing. I can't believe they would leave it like that. Surely Buffy is working on something to do? But if going by Darla and Dru, all he seems to be is some Immortal romantic guy that wooed Spike and Angel's women. Can't really see him as bad. It was something that was the oddest part of the episode I thought.
"Some people say you are going the wrong way, when it's simply a way of your own." ~ Angelina Jolie

I think The Immortal is supposed to be some sort of Don Juan or something. Not a good guy or a bad guy. His chipping in to retrieve the head was just his way of rubbing salt in the wounds, or at least that's how I took it.

Loved this ep. It was so hilarious, I can't remember the last time I laughed so much watching this show. The Angel/Spike banter was great. When they were comparing all the times they saved the world and Angel was talking about the Acathla and Spike says something like "Buffy stopped it by killing you and I helped her, so that one counts as mine." :laugh: Oh, and when they were chasing after that car on that moped and Angel complained about having to ride on the back. :laugh: again!

I love that the W&H in Italy looks exactly the same as the one in LA. They probably all look the same. They're like Wal-Marts.

And Andrew! It was so great to see him again. They really really really need to do another Slayer show, with Faith, Spike and Andrew. Too bad they couldn't get Sarah to do this ep. It would have been so much better, but then again, I liked how Angel and Spike were obsessing about her the whole time.

As for Illyria, she's clearly attached to Wesley in some strange way. I wouldn't say that she has feelings for him though. It was odd to see her as Fred, but her reason for taking on Fred's image was kind of surprising: she didn't want to see Fred's parents mourn. Why would she care?
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what illyria does, or fred, the series only has a couple of eppys left and everything is going to be cut off. Joss is killing everyone off except for a few to position himself for movies.
Quote:Originally posted by GamgeeFest
When they were comparing all the times they saved the world and Angel was talking about the Acathla and Spike says something like "Buffy stopped it by killing you and I helped her, so that one counts as mine." :laugh:

The "Ive-saved-the-world-more-times-than-you" talk was so funny, I agree! :laugh:

I'm glad that they shoehorned a lighter episode in towards the end. That way it's not such a heavy ending. I also liked that they mentioned that werewolf woman that Angel is seeing. Since it looks like she's in the next episode, it was nice that they paved the way a little.

The episode would have worked a lot better if SMG was actually there to play Buffy but, at the same time, I'm sure it would have been a totally different episode if she was. All in all I enjoyed it!
i was looking forward to this ep for a week and then after pulling a few all-nighters, i forgot what day it was and totally missed it! :Confusedigh:::

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