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What do y'all think about the upcoming Manchurian Candidate remake? I sincerely hope it doesn't suck. (Trailer @ If I could remake one movie, it would be a more faithful rendition of A Clockwork Orange. Okay, I know some of you probably want to throw rotting fruit because I said that. Personally, I think the book is captivating and the film is a bunch of Kubrick doing irrelevant crap because he's daring and Kubrick. A lot of the changes he made actually made it less disturbing as a whole than it should have been. And what was with the ending shots? Also, as I've said many a time, the supposed film geeks running around in "ultraviolence" t-shirts annoy me bc I've found that 9 times out of 10, they don't know what that actually means, only that it's in a Kubrick movie and therefore MUST be cool. Okay. Rant over. Smile
Brainscan, one of my favourites, I think it could have been loads better, cuz they had a good script and good actors too... but it just could be better...

It would be clockworking orange in another point of view... i find almost always dissapiointing the movies which i've read the book first, so... i think if someone else did the screenplay it would be very inteeresting to see a re-make of that one...

the other one im pleased to know tim burton's doing now is Charlie in the chocolate factory, i really liked the first movie, but after reading the book i actually want to see burton's hand on that one!

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I would re-make Tomb Raider as a great action movie with enough action set pieces and an intriguing plot!
Quote:Originally posted by porkchopsandwiches
I would re-make Tomb Raider as a great action movie with enough action set pieces and an intriguing plot!

You and me both, porkchop! While I enjoyed it, it was a huge flop as far as being true to the material. It needed to be more Indiana Jones and less James Bond.

And the whole time thing was too much. We get more than enough time travel/manipulation stories on scifi tv, we don't need more movies with it!

I think they could make a solid Tomb Raider movie with a very modest budget, actually. If they kept her in the Tombs (for the most part), as it should be, they could use smart set design and camera work to their advantage. Smart action sequences need not be huge-in fact most people complain about the big flash, boom, bang these days, and want a different, more subtle kind of action.

I like Angelina Jolie, but it might be good to get a real Englishwoman to play the role. And someone who can act, not some dreadful Page 3 bimbo, just cause she's got the figure! :laugh:

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