"Buffy" meets "The Simpsons"
On Sunday, March 28, 2004, in The Simpsons episode "The Wandering Juvie", Sarah Michelle Gellar's voice brought life to the animated character Gina Vendetti. In this ep, mischievous Bart is sentenced to the Springfield Juvenile Correctional Facility. He's shackled to bad girl Gina during the prison dance when she makes an escape. Bart learns that Gina has no family to run to. When they're recaptured, Gina willingly takes the rap. In the end, the Simpsons have a family dinner in Gina's cell.

Here's a link to screen captures from Bart and Gina's adventure...

The Wandering Juvie (clickable thumbnails)

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I saw the episode, it was pretty funny. While some stars' voice work on the show isn't immediatly recognizable, SMG's nasal voice leaves little doubt who's talking for the charcter! :bg:
hey that's cool! thanks for letting us know!:bg: and welcome, i'm a newbie, tooSmile
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Quote:Originally posted by Soturiprinsessa
and welcome, i'm a newbie, tooSmile

Glad to have you here! Hope you're enjoying it so far, Soturiprinsessa!

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