Poll: Is anyone you know in an army?
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Will be in an army
2 14.29%
Is in an army
8 57.14%
Has retired or switched to civillian
4 28.57%
Total 14 vote(s) 100%
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Is anyone you know in a military from any country?
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I know a few people in the military, one of the people I do swordsmanship with is a Navy Clearence Diver, another is ex-navy, a swobby I think the term was. I'm also a member of the suporters of Andrew Wilki (office of national assesments officer who quite in disgust over the invasion of Iraq, did 20 years or so in the army) who I've met.
I know loads of people in the military, people that will be in the military like my soon-to-be boyfriend, and lots of people that used be in the army. Actually my soon-be-brother-in-law is being sent over to Iraq in....June I believe and my sisters wedding is being rushed because they decided to get married sooner then later. O yea, my brother is in the army and in training right now for SF (Special Forces). I miss him loads. I'm planning on becoming a nurse in the military too.
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I used to be in the military, and so were several other members of my family.
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Quote:Originally posted by moif
I used to be in the military, and so were several other members of my family.

Can I count moif? I pretty much know him, minus the high chance of not ever actually seeing him in person.
:bg: I did this poll to show how war affects us all.
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Pippin: The salted pork is particuarly good.
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A lot of Olympic athletes in the sport of shooting come from military backgrounds. The U.S. Army has markmenship teams.
I realised how much war affects us when, just before the initial fighting of the "second gulf war" one of my cousins commited suicide, at the funeral there was a huge amount of people in mourning for him, which got me thinking, if one person dying affects this many people how many people are going to be affected when the body bags start coming home?
A father if a dude in my school has already died in action
Pippin: The salted pork is particuarly good.
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Yep I know people in the military, and a couple of people who served in Iraq. The people I know seem uncomfortable with what Britain is doing there, but also uncomfortable with any criticism of it. It is a difficult position for them I think - they are contracted to be part of a war and occupation which they are unable to morally justify to themselves. I think that criticism of the war was often percieved to be synonimous with criticism of the troops, and that was deemed unpatriotic. But surely the best way to support the men and women who were sent to Iraq is to demand that the government bring them home before more of them are killed...?
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I served in the marines for eight years and two tours overseas.
My son is currently in Iraq in the main area of conflict. He joined because they said they would send him to Germany and pay for his college.

It scares me to think that my first born could be killed at any moment.
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A lot of people in my family served in the military at one time or another. Most of them were in the Army or Air Force. I'm currently serving in the Marine Reserves but my first enlistment was spent on active duty. I'm an OIF vet, and 2 friends of mine from when I was on active duty are in Iraq now as well.

I'm not a religious person, but God bless all of you that have friends or family that are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. May they come home safe.

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