Free DVD's!
Hey Everyone!

Check out
They offer free DVD Contests..and they let you enter as often as you want!
Sounds dodgy to me ....anyone who goes to that site please be wary on what information you give.

It has been my life's experience that nothing is for nothing these days and free DVD giveaways ...lets just say I wonder what the catch is?

Make sure you read the fine print too
All prize winners will receive prizes via Courier. Prizes will be shipped COD. does not cover any shipping charges. All prizes will be accepted as is. And all prizes will be in NEW condition unless otherwise specified during contest giveaway. Please contact us with any prize giveaway questions before entering any contests.

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Hmm...Interesting..I just saw that too..I actually just chatted with a Customer Service Rep from their front page. And he tells me that absolutely none of our information is used wrongfully and he also told me that ALL their DVD's are brand new. They just post that for safety issues.

I've been using this site for a while and it's been nothing but a great experience for me! It's worth a try anyways.

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