Has quality of film making gone down?
I think there is a definite shift in visual quality. I noticed this difference while watching Aquaman in the cinema. It didn't look right to me. Unfortunately, after noticing that oddness, I couldn't go back and watch other movies in the cinema. They all seem to look "normal" on television to me.

Maybe "normal" isn't the right word. But it's more difficult for me to notice an offness to recent cinematic films. Now, when I watched The Phantom Menace again earlier this year (and it's my favorite Star Wars movie), I did notice how the CGI effects sometimes stand out due to subtle lighting differences. Even so, the Coruscant sequences are sometimes stunning because they were able to convey both depth and the passing of time with their complex lighting schemes.

It may be that studios are taking some shortcuts compared to how Lucas did things with TPM, even though they have superior technology. But that's just speculation.

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