Left vs. Right
I first read this several days ago. It's a fascinating take from the other side, and I've considered how to reply. Unfortunately, I'm on a business trip and drunk, so those considered replies might not happen. But let's see where,we end up. First off, on freedom. I think you misunderstand the two factions positions on freedom. It's fascinating what you give the privilege of place,here: abortion, free speech, and gay marriage (in that'order). It's equally fascinating what rights you disparage (more or less the right to dispose of your own money). So far, you're kinda standard Left.

On global warming/cooling/climate change/climate chaos/whatever tomorrows label is....so sorry, but you're wrong. You just are. I model complicated systems for a living, and I wouldn't touch weather with a ten foot pole. But then again, I'm expected to be right (at least directionally). You can't even tell me if its going to rain here next week...I'm supposed to believe that you know the next 100 years? Talk about the precautionary principle all you want, but if you want me to sacrifice 80% of my current lifestyle, you better show methe benefit. My major point here is that you want a ****load of cost, but you show at best a diffuse benefit.

On your final points...I disagree with the folks who disallow gambling...online,or,otherwise. One caraciture of righties is,that we hate all regulation. Thats untrue. We hate stupid regulation. We also believe that the States should resolve most things. If Oklahoma wants gambling and Texas doesn't? Fine. I-35 will determine who has the better policy. Oklahoma and/or Texas can set the rules.

My conception of a liberal is,about as unflattering as yours,was of a conservative above:

However, after typing a,few things, I'm gonna punch out til another time. No need,to be ugly.
Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again.

I don't have any humble opinions.

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