Left vs. Right
There's an old joke that says that the Right thinks the Left is stupid, while the Left thinks the Right is evil. If you actually subscribe to either opinion, I invite you to move along now, so I don't have to delete your post later.

Me, I think we're all just human. But we have different philosophies about life. Righties are the pessimists in life. We look at life and say, "lets try not to eff this up". Lefties are the optimists. They look at life and say "let's fix this." The problem, from where I sit (as a Righty) is that some things just can't be fixed, despite all the good intentions in the world. Economic inequality, for example. What do the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba have in common? They all tried to "fix" economic inequality. How many deaths resulted? It takes nine figures to count them. So, utopian optimism isn't always the way to go. Just so you don't think I'm only hitting Lefties, GW Bush engaged in some similar unreasonable optimism in his approach to the wars in the Middle East.

Now, cynical pessimism hasn't served anyone much better. This is the kind of thinking that gave us propped-up dictators across the globe because we could deal with them.

I don't really have the answers. I've rambled across homeland and foreign policy issues as well. But what do YOU think?
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