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So I had to answer a spider-man thread. I was wondering about what somebody said ealier here of the Spider1. Somehow I cannot understand how someone could get tired of briefly discussing of a movie; be it good or bad - or just annoyingly in between. So I don`t know how the hype could truly ruin it for someone, especially if one has already deemed it an ok film in general. It`s just curious how people are different that way.

I myself liked the first one very much. It was fabulously entertaining as a movie and the story was portrayed with an unexpected freshness. Certainly, I haven`t seen many (older) movies of this type since I`m only an occasional movie-fan. But aside from the mostly necessary predictability of a movie meant for introducing a known story, I think it had a lot of that this second movie threw a little out of proportion; so eventually they might be both just enjoyable. Many reviewers have considered the Spider1 too serious and similar things have been said of the first x-men movie, but I guess that as I am mostly curious to see how an absurd idea can be justified to a moderate realism, I didn`t perhaps pay it too great attention.

Yet some of the plot-twists in Spider2 annoyed me mildly. So, Peter inadvertantly shows his face in the train and all people curiosly stared and contemplated on him and payed him respect (which was one of the finest scenes by the way), but after it, it felt like the writers had suddenly thought that what a heck then, and suddenly there came a flood of revelations and Peter is out there sharing his secret identity left and right that he had years kept secret. I thought it felt a bit sudden; only mildly odd. If I would see it again I wonder if it would change?

The Ock was not a really well justified villain. I felt the Goblin`s change had felt more realistic, even if the Ock was undoubtedly much more credible-looking. Perhaps the are just so many mad scientists you can take seriously, or so I found to my dismay.
I know little of the comic`s plot, but I know some random things here and there. One thing I noticed was that the change or madness in Harry looked so familiar. Every piece of the set, every angle of the camera in that scene looked so like I had seen it before, just like that. I do not know whether it was in the comics, cartoons or just in my head. Did it ring a bell to you guys or is it me who`s mad here?

All and all I think that this film was a loads of more sugary than the first one and realistic relationship or no there was very much of it. It felt rather pathetic of MJ to ready to marry the new guy just in the hopes the he was the Spider.
The utterly happy ending was a bit of a bore. The first movie might not be as angst-ridden Peter`s life here, but it`s the bitter ending rather 'made up for it'. On the other hand all the weighting misfortunes that plagued Peter now were at times too nasty to be really believable. He was a donald duck, only worse. You were gringing and grinning at the same time to that. Yet, it was visually a parade, especially the silly but necessary bike and helmet he had.
Only the Bugle headman, whose name I now forgot, went over board with the banter sometimes. In the end there was the perfect opportunity for him to redeed himself and show the character was cabable of bitterness or something three-dimensional under his constant banter, instead of being just a caricatyre. But he left it to that to my dissapointment.

Oh, does Aunt May actually know of Peter`s little extra-hobby on no?

But what I liked best in the 2 were for one the little interludes that broke free from the relentless action. I remember especially that the 'Raindrops keep falling on my head' was such sweet scene with a totally unexpected choice of music that continued the keep it fresh.
Certainly, the action was beautiful created, even if Peter was a bit more of a hunk than he was in the first, which added a bit to comedy-factor too.

'He just stole that guys pizzas!', the jump backwards from the bike in the crowded street and the elevator scene were indeed nice comedy too. Oh by the way, who on earth Was that guy in the elevator?! I been thinking and thinking but I just can`t remember where I remember him from.

It was very nice the see that the New York of the film looked a little 'un-american' to my eyes. And with that I mean that there was little of the general stereotypes you usually see in tv-shows. Whether or not this is the truth, the out come felt more international and that made it easier watching it.

It would have been wonderful to see if Peter missed the flying with his webs when he decided he would give up his mission. He obviously seemed to enjoy it. Even though the was a scene, I think, where he very nearly professed to be afraid of heights, which was a very amusing though. But also he would enjoy helping and saving people, and his anguish over his assumed responsibility he has tried to fullfill, even with out his special talents, was very heartfeltly illustrated with the burning building scene. Very true bitterness. That`s why it was in a way nearly 'kathartic' to have him recieve people`s gratitude to his face in the train scene.

A nit-picker in me wonders of this: is Peter actually leaving those long threads hanging from the buildings and windows all over the city as he swings around there? Wink

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