Should the U.S. government pay state government expenses?
(June 21st, 2020, 10:43 AM)Michael Wrote: Any aid the U.S. government gives to the states could be structured as a special type of debt, but I think historical practice is for the federal government to either take over state debt or to give the states blocks of money.

While everyone agrees there are problems with how governments manage their resources, there isn't much agreement on what is problematic. I don't think it will serve the public's interest to have Congress dither over which state government decisions were good and bad. They'll argue about such things along party lines, and that's a formula for deadlock and under-service.


The pension crises in the states (possibly in the federal, too) come from capping top salary that can be paid.  The states - trying to retain essential personnel, or just to sweeten employment - took to upping deferred income - pension plans, typically.  These have exploded, but the states haven't (mostly) put in the funds to keep current with actual payouts. Hence the pension crisis, mostly manufactured by the states themselves.

I don't now that federal government should step into that.  Possibly some kind of revolving loans to keep necessary services running - police, fire, ambulance, hospitals/health, maybe public schools.  After that, it gets kinda iffy.  It'll be a very hard sell, & likely entail a lot  of compromise & heated arguments - & probably take 4-6 months to work out - & that's assuming that the pandemic economic effects keep on for the duration.

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