Imperialism vs modern times
(June 3rd, 2019, 12:31 AM)Michael Wrote: European imperialism led to the deaths of tens of millions of people in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia.

That number seemed wildly high to me, so I did a little spot research. I see two possible calamities that might possibly justify the number-WWII and the spread of disease in North America to which the indigenous population had little or no natural defense. I don’t think either calamity can be solely blamed on European imperialism.

The truly appalling casualties in WWII came in the barbaric battles between Germany and Russia, but both combatants were de facto European powers, notwithstanding the fact that most Russian territory was in Asia. This battle doesn’t really fit the exploitation of an indigenous people imperialism model, but was rather a great powers struggle. Japan’s expansionist activity in China gets (dis)honorable mention here, but is clearly not European imperialism.

The hypothesized depopulation of North America due to disease brought by colonists might fairly be attributed to European imperialism, but I think that oversimplifies the matter. Even if the European powers had had no interest in colonization, I think they absolutely would have tried to trade with NA, which almost certainly would have introduced the same invasive diseases into the ecosystem.
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