Trump insults third wold nations
Bacchus Wrote:One minor quibble...setting immigration law is rightly the job of Congress rather than the President. The alleged comments occurred in the context of a meeting with Congressmen attempting to craft immigration reforms. Aside from that, I agree with the thrust of your comments.
I quite agree with your quibble. The reason that the President was in these discussions at all is that he is ending the Constitutionally-questionable DACA program. Questionable, because it was done by the Executive, during the previous administration. In any case, he has said that Congress needs to pass a law to replace it, or let it lapse.

They were also to discuss the TPS coverage of persons from Haiti, a program that has covered some 200,000 persons since 1991. Trump also wants to end this. He is also putting this on Congress, where, IMO, it rightly belongs.
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