Chrisitan Bale's Batman movie titles linked to Obama's political career
badlands Wrote:The first Bale Batman movie, Batman beguns comes out the same year Obama is elected to the Senate. The second movie was called Batman rises which came out the year Obama was elected president and the last movie that came out was called Batman returns on the year Obama was reelected. Strange?

No, because the first film was called Batman Begins, which came out in '05, while Obama was elected to the Senate in '04. And it was based on storylines that had been developed back in the 80's in Batman: Year One. The second film was just called The Dark Knight, and it came out the summer before he was elected president, and took its title from another 1980's comic book. The third one wasn't "Returns" - that film came out in 1992, with Michael Keaton. Bale's third film was "Rises," and it came out the summer before re-election. Note: there would be several thousand other elected officials who won offices in those same years too.
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Chrisitan Bale's Batman movie titles linked to Obama's political career - by august - December 1st, 2013, 06:22 PM

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