Left vs. Right
Sometimes people don't see the obvious even when it's pointed out. The obvious is that the right isn't any more illiberal or conservative than the left. How can communism, for instance, be liberal? Of course, it can't, but leftists try to get around this by pretending it's right-wing--what a joke that is! And if it's right-wing and liberal and leftist are synonymous then fascism must be liberal! The right, of course, is anti-communist. Of course, the "synonymies" lead to oxymorons such as "liberal authoritarianism", "conservative changes," and the worst oxymoron of all, "liberal fascism" (this is actually the title of a book!) which is not only obscene but embarrassing. And then there's political "correctness", the anti-gun lobby, establishment science (which is mostly left-wing), and feminaziism. Leftists are always saying this should be banned and that should be censored and that should be banned and this should be censored, yet at the same time declare themselves liberal and opposed to censorship. They oppose space exploration n Luddites are decidedly left-wing. They do violent demonstrations "against" war n support warring regimes, yet claim they are for peace. They pretend to be against racism but are racist against Americans, Anglo-Saxons, Israelis, n white ethnic groups. There are libertarian n reform parties on the right, n rightists support political, n judicial reforms n space exploration, but, of course, the left thinks progress can only be social, not political, scientific, or technological.

Where it concerns generosity, a study by Arthur Brooks published in 2006 ("Who Really Cares" ) and which was featured on 20/20 and called "Cheap in America", found that rightists were more generous than leftists, by 27-30% and 18% more likely to give blood; religious people 4 times as much as secular people; the working poor were the most charitable; Americans were per capita 3 1/2 times more generous than the French, 7 times more than Germans, and 14 times more than Italians. These results are consistent with research done in the '90s, the reference for which I could not find, however, which found religious people were more generous than secular people, Americans more generous than Canadians, and among Canadians, Quebecers were the least generous, and Quebecers are also the most left-wing among Canadians.

The left claims it is egalitarian and against class prejudice, yet is virulently opposed to the middle-class, which is closest to egalitarian as it is the majority, represents the average person, n is neither rich nor poor, n is also virulently opposed to anything popular or for the masses, especially popular fiction, saying that in order for something to have merit n quality it must be for the elite, in other words, the wealthy n aristocratic. And many leftists are very wealthy and aristocratic themselves, such as the Kennedys, the Trudeaus, and the Martins.

Certainly, there are liberals n progressives on the left, but they seem to be few n far between.

What I hate about the left is its hypocrisy, anti-social attitudes n behaviour, puritanism, hatred of music, misandry, mysogyny, radicalism, racial prejudice, self-righteousness, elitism, bad taste, insensitivity, malice, mean-spiritedness, close-mindedness, intolerance, repression, conservatism, and irrationality.

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