Hey Boomstick - Errol Flynn marathon on TCM Sat. 8/7
Flynn has come up in a number of threads, and I know Boomstick is eager to see some of his work beyind the main couple of swashbucklers. So this Saturday on Turner Classic Movies is your chance!

6:00 AM - Virginia City: Union spy, Rebel spies and outlaw vie for gold.

8:15 AM - San Antonio: A Texas cattleman flirts with a saloon singer and shoots it out with rustlers at the Alamo.

10:15 AM - Uncertain Glory: Hounded by a police inspector, a condemned criminal turns noble in World War II France.

12:00 PM - Objective, Burma!: A paratrooper and his men drop behind enemy lines to knock out a Japanese radar station.

2:30 PM - The Prince and the Pauper: An adventurer saves the day after Tudor Prince Edward and a look-alike trade places.

4:45 PM - The Adventures of Errol Flynn: A portrait of the actor's life features rare footage and revealing interviews. {A really well-done documentary; as I recall, it also addresses those rumors that he was a Nazi spy, that influenced Timothy Dalton's spoof of him in The Rocketeer. If I recall correctly, he basically was a sympathizer with the Spanish Civil War faction that Hitler happened to be backing also, but that was about it.}

6:15 PM - The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Sherwood Forest outlaw saves King Richard, Maid Marian.

8:00 PM - The Sea Hawk: A British privateer raids Spanish ships with his queen's permission in 1585.

10:15 PM - Adventures of Don Juan: The Spanish swordsman joins the royal fencing academy and duels a duke who wants to be dictator.

12:15 AM - Gentleman Jim: San Francisco bank clerk James J. Corbett turns boxer and fights John L. Sullivan.

2:15 AM - Edge of Darkness: A Norwegian fisherman and his bride lead the underground against the Nazis.

4:30 AM - Green Light: A surgeon shoulders a colleague's fatal mistake and endures blame from the victim's daughter.
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