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How can anyone not like James Franco? He has so much on-screen charm. I've talked to tons of stars when they were on the rise: Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp. They all had a certain, indefinable something called "it."Well, Franco has "it" too. He is not quite done paying his dues, but I predict he will reach the top level of fame. I hope it doesn't mess him up too badly. Right now his head seems to be screwed on tight.

He stars in Milk, the story of San Francisco's first openly gay politician, Harvey Milk. Franco was born in 1978, the year Milk was murdered. And even though he was raised in Palo Alto, Calif., which is only 35 minutes from San Francisco, Franco says he never learned much about Milk. "Sadly I was not taught a lot of this history growing up, and that's one of the things I hope that this movie does, is raise awareness about who he was and what he did."

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