The Half-Blood Prince
abz_ob Wrote:In an interview i think the one on mugglenet and leaky, JK said that if readers looked close enough one of the other horcruxes was somewhere in the book 6. When i finished reading it again i thought the same as you and wondered how snape got the book that was 50 years old and woundered maybe if Voldemort used it and made it a Horcrux when he was at school. Just a theory. Very curious though to know what the horcrux is though

Ur saying u dont know what a Horcrux is?! A horcrux is an object that u put part of ur soul in to keep urself from dieing. although to make a horcrux u must kill someone. A part of the book that showed J.K. Rowling's ability to plan ahead was, horcruxes were introduced in the 6th book but Tom Riddle's (or voldemort's) diary in book 2 turned out to be one.
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