No, no, no, Obi-Wan would always take public transportation, he would not own his own vehicle.

Jar-jar would have a Uni-cycle

Alvin Eriol Wrote:Count Dooku: a charcoal grey Jaguar

Spot on there, man. As for Leia and Padme, though, I thought of them more as 70's Corvette girls but definitely red T-tops.

Luke flies an X-wing by choice even when he has better options so Luke would obviously drive a newer model full size 4 door, probably whatever model the police in the states use most often.

Han and Chewie are obviously Van guys, Probably a Ford Cargo van with a few "special modifications".

Whatever Anakin drives, it's fast and definitley black.

Mace has a Cadillac, Biggest one they have.
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