Space Police
Paul B. Wrote:Just out of curiosity, I checked out this item, and they offer reprints from master or microfilm copies. They are charging $95.00 for this book. This seems extremely high to me, since, from their website:


If they don't consider them 'rare' or 'collectible', why are they charging so much for basically a photo reprint. For a book like this, you wouldn't pay more than $20-30 new, and that's from a 'real' printing process!

Can anyone think of a reason ( technical issues-xerographic process?, copyright costs, etc.) that would require them to charge this much?


Is the book available from other sources, even eBay? If not, they're pretty much allowed to charge whatever they want. Actually even if it -is- available they can charge what they want - they just may not sell any.


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