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Yet some of the plot-twists in Spider2 annoyed me mildly. So, Peter inadvertantly shows his face in the train and all people curiosly stared and contemplated on him and payed him respect (which was one of the finest scenes by the way), but after it, it felt like the writers had suddenly thought that what a heck then, and suddenly there came a flood of revelations and Peter is out there sharing his secret identity left and right that he had years kept secret. I thought it felt a bit sudden; only mildly odd. If I would see it again I wonder if it would change?

One of the biggest conceits of superhero comics in the 1930s through 1970s (I don't know about what came after that period) was that these guys in the tight suits can run around making quick wardrobe changes and battling super villains without revealing their faces.

I think the gradual unravelling of Peter's secret is a much more credible consequence of his actions. The people on the train don't know that he is Peter Parker. They only know what his face looks like, and as time goes by, they may start to see him in the faces of similar looking young men.

But the scene underscores the vulnerability of Peter's ego. He is afraid to be true to himself. That is, after all, one of the primary conflicts in the movie (and in the original Spider-man comic -- in fact, he even tried to get rid of his powers on occasion and ended up growing extra arms instead).

Quote:The Ock was not a really well justified villain. I felt the Goblin`s change had felt more realistic, even if the Ock was undoubtedly much more credible-looking. Perhaps the are just so many mad scientists you can take seriously, or so I found to my dismay.

The justification for Ock's change in personality was the little inhibitor chip at the top of the apparatus on his back. It was burned out in the accident. His grief at the loss of his wife (whose death he blamed himself for) and his shame at his failure made him emotionally vulnerable to the manipulations of the artificially intelligent arms.

While all that is explained in the movie, it comes out in about three sentences. I didn't catch it the first time, but I heard what they were saying more carefully the second time I watched the movie.

I think the presentation of this idea was a little weak. They probably should have devoted a few more minutes to developing the threat the arms posed to Ock's integrity.

I don't remember how or why he became a villain in the comic, so I don't know how faithful the movie is to the original concept of his change. But once he gives in to the arms, he is very much like the comic villain.

Quote:I know little of the comic`s plot, but I know some random things here and there. One thing I noticed was that the change or madness in Harry looked so familiar. Every piece of the set, every angle of the camera in that scene looked so like I had seen it before, just like that. I do not know whether it was in the comics, cartoons or just in my head. Did it ring a bell to you guys or is it me who`s mad here?

In the comics, Harry, Jr's insanity was treated similarly to his father's. In the movie, they were evoking the elements from the first movie which had depicted Sr's insanity.

Quote:It felt rather pathetic of MJ to ready to marry the new guy just in the hopes the he was the Spider.

That wasn't why she was ready to marry him. He was a famous hero (not superhero, but he had walked on the moon) who had all the worthy desirable-husband attributes of rich, handsome, and confident.

Mary Jane kissed him in that upside-down fashion to test her feelings. She wanted to see if she could feel the same sparks for John that she had felt for Spider-man (and Peter, whom she kissed at the end of the first movie). And she didn't feel the same way.

One of the crucial things about the Peter-Mary Jane relationship in this movie is that she reached out to Peter BEFORE she found out who he was. She may have been trying to confirm for herself that Peter was, in fact, Spider-man, but she was also testing her feelings for Peter. John had failed the kiss test. Peter was going to be given the opportunity to take it without having to put on the costume.

Mary Jane's attraction to Peter was stronger than her attraction to John. But she also knew, by her wedding day, that she was marrying the wrong guy. She didn't love John. He was just a replacement for Peter. Mary Jane tried to tell him that when they were talking in the backyards of their houses on the night of his birthday.

I think the movie's "happy note" conclusion for the Peter-Mary Jane relationship is a red herring. She may still be at serious risk in the third movie, but if they carry this through logically, she is going to have to wake up and realize she chose a guy who cannot always be there for her.

Quote:Oh, does Aunt May actually know of Peter`s little extra-hobby on no?

I think she figured it out after he rescued her from Doc Ock. She seemed to really be egging Peter on with double-entendres when she was packing her stuff to move.

Quote:'He just stole that guys pizzas!', the jump backwards from the bike in the crowded street and the elevator scene were indeed nice comedy too. Oh by the way, who on earth Was that guy in the elevator?! I been thinking and thinking but I just can`t remember where I remember him from.

Hal Sparks. He hasn't had what I would call a spectacular career, but he seems to have gotten around.

Quote:A nit-picker in me wonders of this: is Peter actually leaving those long threads hanging from the buildings and windows all over the city as he swings around there? Wink

They are biodegradable. :bg:

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