Trivia Quiz
I found a copy of an old Wiscon V, Andre Norton Workshop, Trivia Quiz that I thought might be fun.
1. The name of Captain Jellico's pet hoobat:
2. Name for space-going branch of the Thieves Guild:
3. Eighth-house card in Kethan's tarot reading:
4. Gypsy tribe that produces moon-singers:
5. Slum of Korwar where two novels begin:
6. Goddess of fruitfulness to whom women pray during childbirth:
7. Tune played on drum by Dane Thorson to combat mass hypnosis:
8. Most important trade item to a Salarik:
9. Term for a high but not top-ranking official:
10.Common game of chance played across many worlds:

And as a matter of real trivia: The largest Special Norton Boxed set produced was a 77-book special boxed set of books made up by Books, Inc. in San Jose, was purchased as a Christmas present for $146.80. It was originally made up as a display joke, and was one of a kind, since so many of the books were going out of print at the time. Joe

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