Spawn 2 ?
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I thought the CGI was pretty good. Decent, at least. Consider that the movie came out in 1997, and had a $40 Million budget. That's alot, yes, but nothing compared to 1997's other superhero movie, Batman & Robin, which had a $110 Million budget. 1997 is still fairly early in the game as far as big-time CGI is concerned (realative to today anyway), so I think it was ok. His cape was wicked cool at least.

Yes, it was early in the game, but I remember clearly seeing it in the theatre and turning to my friend during the Hell scene and saying, 'They should have done a little less CGI in this scene and had more sets built.' I felt like they just didn't realize or want to realize that the technology wasn't up to speed yet. It would have been better to use limited CGI in conjuction with sets imo. But, I realize that new toys are hard to resist.

I agree, they did a good job on the cape, but again, it was an example of what I was saying, CGI use only when necessary and incorporated into a real set. That's the problem I have with the recent SW movies, the CGI looks great but there is so much of it that it almost feels cartoon like in many scenes.
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