Song of the South live action reboot
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We've had some discussion on this before, in threads that you started in fact, in 2017 and 2013.

To answer the topic, I don't think there have been millions of people clamoring for a remake (since a reboot would imply a continuing story or series), so no reason for Disney to do so. Assuming you meant "without
bad racist parts."

But as I have noted in the the other threads, there would be a way for someone - perhaps an African-American filmmaker like Jordan Peele - to do a culturally sensitive and accurate depiction of these ancient African
folk tales, and yes, then it would be a great gimmick and box office draw to use live action motion capture to include an all-star cast.
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I think Disney is trying to get as far away from "Song of the South" as they possibly can. Recent news articles say they won't be releasing it on their Disney+ streaming service, despite requests from fans that they do.

Disney Fans Complain Company Is ‘Whitewashing’ Its History In Removing ‘Song Of The South’ From Disney+

Disney+ won't include 'Song of the South,' 'Dumbo' Jim Crow scene

Sorry racists, Song of the South won’t make the jump to Disney+

Disney's racist cartoons won't just stay hidden in the vault. But they could be used as a teachable moment.

REPORT: Song of the South Won't Be Available on Disney+

‘Song of the South’ Film to be Omitted From Disney +

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