How to Embed Videos in Your SF Fandom Posts
We have some custom (bespoke) BB Codes that we use here on SF-Fandom. However, the BBCode is standard.

You can always browse our BB Code library to see what is available.But with the VIDEO code the example given is wrong.

The correct syntax is as follows:

-video identififier-
Some descriptive title

Putting that all together it looks like this, but I will insert a space after the opening square bracket so you can see the code.Sometimes I copy the title portion on a line after the video so that everyone can see it.

[ video=youtube;QzBsSi-8mAo]MerpCon 4 Tolkien Moot 2008 Tolkien authors John D. Rateliff and Michael Martinez unedited[/video]
MerpCon 4 Tolkien Moot 2008 Tolkien authors John D. Rateliff and Michael Martinez unedited

And here is how it looks to everyone else when you do NOT include the first space.

Watch MerpCon 4 Tolkien Moot 2008 Tolkien authors John D. Rateliff and Michael Martinez unedited from YouTube
SF-Fandom not responsible for video content

SF-Fandom reserves the right to remove inappropriate video content from its discussions. YouTube may remove the video from its service without notification.

Let's try embedding something from vimeo. I'll use "170640430" in the first part of the code. That won't work with the standard VIDEO code, unfortunately, and we don't have the ability to modify the standard code. So we created a VIMEO embed BB Code.

The syntax is:

[ vimeo = video-identifier ]Title of the Video[/vimeo]

This is how the videos look:

Watch on Vimeo.

Green Channel — Sci-fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge-HD
Writing about Science Fiction and Fantasy films.

MYCode Guide

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