Female version of Lord of the Flies

What are your views on this?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
First, I cannot stand the story either in written form or the 1963 film version. I did not see the second film adaptation. This is, to me, as unappealing a story as I can imagine. I grew up with street kids and we got into fights and split up into groups and had wars and people had the crap beat out of them (it usually took four kids to hold me down when I got angry) and I am just not interested in revisiting those feelings.

Second, if I had to suffer through this rotten tale again, I would much rather see what a woman could do with a tale about girls stranded on an island. But I think I would rather crash my car into a police car on the way to the theater than sit through such a movie.

That's just me.
Are we sure this isn't the Mean Girls remake? :laugh:
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