Hi from johncartermovie
Hey folks,

Mike here from johncartermovie.com...

Aways glad to see fellow fans enthusiastic above the movie we've been following for nearly six years! Just thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself.

We started covering the movie way back when Paramount picked it up back in 2004. Our little website went up in 2005, and since then we've been obsessivly scouring the internet for any and all news about the film.

A year or two later, another obsessed fan and good friend of ours (Jeff), made the site barsoomia.org, which covers the news and rumors as well, but also runs the Barsoomian Twitter feed and covers many tangental aspects of the movie, especially that concerning production artwork, etc..

Yeah, sometimes we scoop each other on getting news out first, but that friendly competition is what keeps us on top of our game. Between us, I seriously doubt we have missed any JCOM related news on the internet.

Actually, that's how we found you guys... very nice forum you've got going here Michael! Lots of great coverage. I'll be checking back often. I'll also put you in our LINKS section. Smile

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to know about the film. I know quite a bit. I've actually visted the sets in Utah (lots of exclusive photos on my site under "Live from Moab Parts 1-5"), met a few actors, and scored a few exclusive interviews (including the one with Taylor Kitsch).

Feel free to peruse the news archives on my site (Click on the MOVIE NEWS button), and especially the FORUM quick links on the home page. Lots of cool stuff there, including a cast list of over almost 100 people (way more than IMDB).

Anyway, we're not affiliated with Disney in any way and the mouse hasn't even as much as sneezed in our general direction. But we dig up what we can with what little resources we have. Smile

Nice to meet you all,

Thanks, Mike! Glad to see you in the forums. And thanks for the great Website, too.
johncarter Wrote:Nice to meet you all,


Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! :wave: Very awesome.
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