Priceless Andre Norton Book Stolen, Please Read This Post
I mentioned this story a few years ago and I get angry every time I think about it, but something happened today and I'm going to rant again.

Andre had in her library a beautiful set of the original THREE Foundation books by Isaac Asimov. She had all three, First Editions of FOUNDATION, FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE, and SECOND FOUNDATION. Additionally, all three copies had been Personally inscribed to Andre Norton, by Isaac Asimov.

The set of three, in my opinion was one of the most valuable sets of books in the science fiction world. The incredible association value of Isaac personally giving them to Andre and Inscribing them to her is irreplaceable and priceless.

Every time I visited Andre in Winter Park, i looked at her library and there they were. The first time I went to High Hallack, I spent the entire weekend at the house. FOUNDATION, was missing!. I looked carefully through every book shelf in the library , and it was not misplaced, it had been stolen!

Jack Gonzalez of Fantastic Voyages was in my store today. Jack was almost exclusively responsible for purchasing the bulk of the serious books from Andre, a while before the, major and total disposition. He again confirmed what I already knew. There were only 2 of the books present.

What i find particularly galling about this incident, is that the thief was probably a "friend" of the Lady and was trusted in the library. I'm just flaming the situation.

If any of you ever see this book available for sale, know this. There is absolutely no legitimate provinance for this item. It was never a gift, it was never sold, it was stolen.

I do not go to conventions, or World Con, or book fairs but if any of you ever see this book become available, I would do whatever I could to let everyone know it is a stolen book.

This is the only S.F. Fandom site that I post to but if I had time or inclination i would post this on every site available, I would contact every large Science Fiction and Fantasy book specialist, I would print it in Locus, I would write to the SFWA and let them know.

I know, everyone who reads this post will know that this priceless book, wherever it may be, is a stolen item, robbed from an elderly and trusting gracious woman. May whoever the thief is, gain absolutely no money from or enjoyment of their ill gotten gain.

Well, that's my rant. Do with it what you may, but it's off my chest for now.
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Ed, I did some flame editing. Please forgive me.

There is a bookseller site for reporting stolen books. I think it might be part of Please list the book there.

Thinking the best of people, as I would really like to, I would rather think that the book got lost in the moves between Winter Park, FL; Cooksville, TN; and Murfreesboro, TN. I do know that the library in Murfreesboro was pretty open, and that at least one book lost it's jacket [about half the value of a modern book]. There were also several school groups that visited the library, and other tours. I also know that Andre sometimes lent a book to someone, perhaps it was forgotten on a pile of books someplace.

These books were Andre's friends, and she wouldn't hear of putting them someplace safe, and replacing them with paper editions for the open shelves.

What we should all do, is be on the lookout for the FOUNDATION inscribed by Isaac Asimove to Andre Norton. Reporting the book as having been stolen to the Book Sellers associations (like ABE), would be the first step.
Irene, An excellent and calm minded editing job with no offense taken. Keep up the excellent work. best regards, ed
Agressive Pursuer of Andre Norton material and addicted Karaoke singer!

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