Heidi, Andre Norton gift cat
In the summer of 2001, Andre mentioned in correspondence that she had a lovely cat named HEIDI which would make an excellent bookstore cat for me.
Heidi wanted to be queen feline of the manor and with so many others around she was misbehaving. Not having seen Andre for about 5 years since her move to Tennessee, I jumped at the chance to make my first visit to Murfreesboro and retrieve the cat, get books signed and spend the weekend at Andre's home.

Heidi has been an excellent shop cat. She is very very friendly and never met a stranger. She is a beautiful Himalayan rag doll with great coloring. Heidi was not a kitten at the time and now she is about 14 years old.

Alas, we recently found out that she has an advancing stage of bone cancer, located in her jaw. She is currently in no pain and is being given anti-biotics on the very remote chance it is an infection. She is on a different more gruelish cat food. Hopefully she will continue to eat, be in no pain, and remain with us for a while longer. Should her quality of life suffer drastically, i guess we will have some decisions to make at that time.

She is a very good kitty and will be missed deeply when the time comes.

on a side note, after months of mutual procrastination, my wife and i have finally gotten busy on our store's website. Giving credit where credit is due, Lauren, my bride has done ALL of the work and i've just had some suggestions to implement. Whether any of you ever get near Jacksonville, Fl. or not ( Ed. C. thanks for your preholiday visit, always good to see you), we encourage you to take a quick look. the address is http://www.allbookedupjaxfl.com

(P.S.) there is a picture of HEIDI, on the site.

Hope all have a prosperous and delightful 2006, best regards, ed
Agressive Pursuer of Andre Norton material and addicted Karaoke singer!

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