Spiderman 2
Saw it last night and thought it was excellent.

The fight scenes, particularly up the side of the building and on the train were really good. There were some very funny bits - the start sequence with the pizza, the lift scene, the "I'm back!" - "My back!" scene.

Doc Oc was a very tragic character and very well played - a villan you sympathised with.

I liked the whole hero to nerd to hero transformation throughout the film with the misfiring of Peter's powers.

Although the end was a little mushy, there's something about that final shot of MJ' face that kind of makes you think that she's not entirely convinced about the choice she has made.

My only real gripe was with Harry. I was not entirely convinced by the performance - I thought it was a bit hammy in places. Definitley set up for the return of the Goblin in part 3 but I'm pretty sure there will be another villan as well.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first, you'll enjoy this one. If you hated the first, then steer clear.
I loved Spiderman 2 :bg: ! Saw it 3 times - when it came out at midnight, and then with some friends! It was freakin' awesome, I can't wait 'til it comes out on DVD! I'm such a Spidey-freak. And Tobey doesn't look too bad either, like when he took off his shirt :jawdrop:.
Whoa, getting a little carried away, *he he* :leech:.
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Here are parts of a review I posted on another site:

I gotta say I did like the whole plot structure of this film - a noble, brilliant scientist with a beautiful love in his life becomes horribly disfigured in an explosion, and is transformed, going a bit crazy in the process. Turning into something new, he escapes from a hospital where John Landis is making a cameo appearance as a doctor. He takes refuge in an abandoned factory, where improbably no one notices him, and continues his work. Clad in a long flowing coat, he ventures out to battle his nemesis, complete with dizzying shots of the hero and heroine dangling from tall buildings. Plus, we get cameos from Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, and of course, "the Classic."

Only problem is.... I just described Sam Raimi's 1990 opus "Darkman!"
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Other things I liked: Tobey M. is such an incredible actor - that bit where he confesses his guilt to Aunt May - just like where he confesses his feelings to MJ in the first one - the dialogue itself is actually no big deal, but Tobey just plays it soooo well - the emotion is all in his voice.

Although... I didn't particularly care for Aunt May's refusal to talk about it right then - the scene just sort of jarringly ends with us left hanging... and then she's all empathy and forgiveness the next time we see her.

As Harry, James Franco is really quite good, and I loved the unexpected twist at the end where the next film is set up. Hopefully though, he'll leave the cackling and the putt-putt golf course demon-mask at home.

And those fight scenes! Unlike a lot of films we see, where there is a punch, a reaction shot, a close-up... a pause... a counter-punch... a wisecrack....a reaction shot.... here Spidey and Doc Ock just went at it, hammer and tongs!

Although... Peter is the one w/ super strength; Doc Ock's arms are strong. If Peter punched Octavius' s face with the strength that can stop a speeding subway train.... he really should have taken the guy's head off. And for that matter.. I know Spidey and his webs are strong - but a subway train is a bit much! And for that matter - he's *strong*, not invulnerable - some of those *crunch* falls seem awfully brutal for him to walk away with nothing but an aching back.

Other little gripes: Octavius is actually working on *two* Nobel caliber projects - sure, the fusion thing... but what about the sentient arms!!!!! Those alone are a huge technological miracle - who needs the extra plot device of the fusion reactor thing?

And come to think of it - why do the arms care about finishing the project? That's *his* project, not theirs. And plot devices aside, why are they evil? Makes no sense. And.... how was he able to buy new material for his experiments with his stolen bank $$ ? He's the most wanted criminal in the city - who's going to sell anything to him? (Or are we to assume that it's just materials that Harry supplies? If so - how is he able to build everything within a few hours?) And how come the local cops don't notice anyone making lots of noise in the conveniently abandoned factory?

BTW - anyone notice that Octavius' loft-apartment-lab space has these interesting brick celing support beam things that eerily replicate the look of the arms long before we see them?

But what's a film without little inconsistencies? :bg:

The scene on the subway, where the New Yorkers realize that Spidey is just a kid - not the super-villain the Daily Bugle has made him out to be, but just one of them - is quite moving. Even if it's just another spin on the bridge/subway car scene from the first film. In fact there, are a TON of parallel scenes, the bane of all sequels. Sam makes them seem mostly unobtrusive though.

Examples of things in both films:

- Spidey saves a subway train via his web.
- New Yorkers identifying with him, and unite to stand up to the villain.
- Spidey rescues kids from a burning building.
- the villain is a brilliant scientist who gets changed in an explosion.
- the first fight with the villain is in a crowded public place in daylight, and a female who's important to Peter is hanging in mid-air.
- 2nd fight w/ the villain results in Spidey being knocked unconscious, so that he can have a heart to heart with one of the Osborns.
- an inspirational talk from an older relative makes all the difference.
- MJ is imperiled because the villain knows her connection to Peter/Spidey.
- MJ hooks up with another boyfriend who's everything any girl could want... yet he's not Peter.
- Peter has a soulful, soul-bearing solioquy with a female in his life.
- Peter has to balance his public and private life.
- Peter has problems with his powers, and experiments with them in alleys and on rooftops with varying degrees of success.
- in the climactic fight with the villain, we see some of his original humanity.
- Harry is bitter and vengeful at the end.
- Peter has a climactic heart-to-heart with MJ at the end.

All of that notwithstanding, I thought this film was simply incredible. Smile
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Quote:Originally posted by august

And come to think of it - why do the arms care about finishing the project? That's *his* project, not theirs. And plot devices aside, why are they evil? Makes no sense.

The arms "care" about finishing the project because they were programmed for that sole purpose. They were "created for the sole purpose of initiating and sustaining fusion". They are not evil. They just have no conscience. If you think about it, a computer program would be truly Machiavellian--the definition of the ends justifying the means.
Quote:Originally posted by RobRoy
I'm curious. What didn't you like about it. Did you really think it "really sucked" or are you just over-emphasizing to make a point?

I found it somewhat boring and it faild to conclude many of the dieas it set up in the begining of the film. I liked the whole Peter Becoming Spider Man thing, thogh it seemed have been ignored by about a third of the way through the movie. Other than that the movie just devulved into wooden looking fight scenes with a bit too much CGI. I got bored with the whole thing and gave up after a while, the only reason I saw the thing through was because the video was being constantly watched at home and I stubled across it while on study breaks.

Quote:Originally posted by RobRoy
I understand that The Punisher was no better this time than the last time they tried to do it as a live action film with Dolph Lundgren. I passed on it given the previews that I saw, the poor reviews the movie received in general, and the pathetic box office the movie earned. THe movie came and went faster than Superman late for a luncheon.

I guess then it's no loss that I didn't see it then.

Quote:Originally posted by RobRoy
But in truth, there aren't any more or less "super hero" movies now than there have been in the past. As a genre, the super hero movie has been alive and kicking since the low-budget early days of the theater "shorts" with the Rocketeer, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. I don't think that there has been a sudden upsurge in the number of super hero films that are being released, just an upsurge in the budgets for such films, as studios have seen them become a rather proitable venture when done correctly.

There certainly does seem to be more being made and released now than there has been in a while, at leaste in main stream cinimas.

Quote:Originally posted by RobRoy
For the records I was very pleased with Spider-Man 2. The depth of the characters is what made Marval stand out over DC Comics, and I'm pleased to see the same being true for at least some of their movies.

With the honerable exception of the BatMan Pantheon of corse.
Quote:Originally posted by DeamondBleed
There certainly does seem to be more being made and released now than there has been in a while, at leaste in main stream cinimas.

The difference now is that they've "caught on" with the main stream, for any number of reasons. But there aren't more of them. Better funded? Sure. More marketing? Definately. More of them? Nopers.

Quote:With the honerable exception of the BatMan Pantheon of corse.

Ummm . . . no.

I'm a die-hard fan of the Bat that stalks the night, but the early and middle years of Batman were plagued with the Caped Crusader being only a bigger, better funded version of your (generally speaking) parents. Marvel diverged from DC Comics in this fashion. DC comics had their heros being the dyed-in-the-wool "good guys". Marvel's characters had greater depth, more personal angst and drama, and real (or more realistic) issues. While DC characters would preach to their audience, Marvel's characters were based on their audience.
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I saw this movie today and I totally loved it. It was heaps better than the first one (IMO), having a lot more action and I loved the fight scenes with Doc Oc and Spidey. That was so cool.
Not to ruin the ending for those who havent seen it, but it was like "oh, I need a tissue". How great was it.

Look out for Spiderman 3 peeps.

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Oh how I love Spidey! *sigh*

Did anyone notice the symbolism in the ending? In the first one it ends with Spiderman cruising through the city on his own, but in the second one he is cruising through the city with two helicopters. Now call me over observant, but I read it to be that now Peter isn't alone in his struggle, if you get my meaning. Hmm, I paid too much attention in English Confused

We all know Spiderman 3 is inevidible, but would they make a Spiderman 4? If they have plans for it then I really don't think that they will make Harry into the Hob Goblin or whatever he's called. If Spiderman kills him then all the threads are tied - Peter gets his woman and the Harry's fate is sealed. Oh well, at least I know what I mean! :p
Sam and Kirsten have both said that three is enough for them. Tobey hasn't said, but I suspect he wants to take his new box-office clout and do more 'serious" roles, and would probably balk at doing a 4th one w/o Sam.

Which means that Hollywood being Hollywood, they'll make a 4th with other people. :teary:

Honestly, if technology ever becomes affordable, the natural next step is to do a tv series. When the Superman movies hit a dead end, "Lois and Clark" became a wonderful way to pick up the story from a slightly different angle. Ditto for "Smallville."
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I think SpiderMan2 was the best movie this summer. I just saw it for the 3rd time on Thursday. I loved the first spiderman but i like the second a bit better. I think that the villian has even improved. I saw previews and thought Doctor Octopus was going to be really stupid, but i actually loved him. I didn't like MJ in this one, she looked a little stoned, and she was kinda a witch. I loved Peter in the movie, i think Tobey did a great job. I loved the new costume design too.

Ok im done:anxious:

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