Treehouse/Lounge/Drunken Pig Tavern now open!
Congratulations to Anna, who just got straight A's!!!

(And who's now not only kicking you know what in TKD... but teaching little kids how to as well!)

And in other news...Bruce Campbell sent this pic to Josh Becker, who posted it at his site. According to Bruce, "From time to time, Starbucks puts quotes on their cups. I did a signing at their headquarters a couple times and I met a guy who asked if I wanted to spew some false wisdom on one of their cups. What was I gonna say, no? So, here it is, out now in a Starbucks near you, theoretically..."

[Image: starbucks.jpg]

And the time has come to start a new thread! Go here for all your Jack-socializing needs!
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