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Princess Mononoke - Princess Mononoke - January 22nd, 2004

Have any of you seen Princess Mononoke? If you have then who is your fav character. mine of course is Princess Mononoke aka San. I luved this movie it is second on my list.

Princess Mononoke - RobRoy - January 22nd, 2004

We did have a few discussion that included this movie. The one that was most on target is this thread here.

I watched this movie shortly after it was released in the U.S. and really enjoyed it. So many big named voicing the characters was just wonderful. I think that I enjoyed Prince Ashitaka the most. All the characters were unique, had depth and were very well constructed. But a character who is struggling both mentally and physically with his demon was just so interesting to me.

Wonderful film. Probably why I own it on DVD.

Princess Mononoke - guardy - January 23rd, 2004

I loved this movie so much!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome and i loved the story line. my fav. character.....hmmmmm......tough question....i loved the tree spirit things, they were funny and cute, but not my fav. characters, though they were pretty cool....i guess i like ashitaka and san the same....i can't really choose between them and neither one would be as much as an interesting character without the other.

Princess Mononoke - Alantriel the Elf - November 27th, 2004

3 words:I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!