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Orphan of War - Rynn Arokh - August 22nd, 2003

I just saw the episode "Orphan of War" for the first time (via Space Channel) I already sort of knew about Xena and Solan's encounter with each other in this episode, and of course I knew Xena wasn't going to tell Solan he was her son, but actually getting to see it just tugged at my heart. Watching that last scene between Xena and Solan, tears were pouring down my face. Just the look on Xena's face...(you knew she was having an inner struggle) she was so close to telling him and then refrained. I think it made even more of an impression on me knowing that she wouldn't get a chance to tell Solan (thanks to Hope Confusedad: )in the living world. --Yet another reason why I loved "The Bitter Suite" so much, Xena was able tell Solan who she was and speak to him one last time (or so we think since Xena does encounter Solan again in "God Fearing Child")

Well, that felt good...just needed to say some of my thoughts on this episode.


"Promise you won't forget me?" - Solan
"Cross my heart and hope to die." - Xena
Solan whispers something in Xena's ear...(we all know what :tongue: )
"That's a great idea. I love you. I'll always love you..." - Xena
-From "God Fearing Child"

Orphan of War - august - June 6th, 2006

We've had a number of new vistors lately, but few new threads, so I'm bumping up some old ones for the benefit of the new guys! :bg:

Orphan of War - Aleera - June 9th, 2006

I didn't got the happiness to see Orphan of War, but I've read its transcript (thanks to Whooosh!!). I think it's nice too Xena was finally able to tell her son the things she needed to tell him to move on with Gabrielle. Her "Love of your love" song in BitterSuite quite well explains what she's feeling, and I just think it's beautiful.

Orphan of War - p4poetic - June 9th, 2006

I got emotional after watching this episode aswell. Especially the ending.