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The Falconers - Magda - June 15th, 2003

For me the Falconers are the most mysterious nation in whole Whitch World.
They really interest me and I love reading about them and reveal more and more. Unfortunatelly for a long time i did'nt read any books about them.

Where do the y came from? :question:
Why do they hate women? :question:
The most mysterious and interesting think is their bond with their falcons.

I try to imagine what was their live before they separated from women and what would it be like in future
(I see the changes in boooks about Una and Tarlah? - I'm not sure if the names are spelled correctly - but I love this books unfortunately i do'tn know English titles)

Please share your knowledge about Falconers with me Wink

The Falconers - Irene - June 16th, 2003

This post will require others to help me with my memory.

Several other people have asked similar questions of Andre Norton. She had those people write stories so that then "We would all know".

I believe that there are stories of the Falconers in TALES OF THE WITCH WORLD, II and III.

Basically, the Falconers, like most of the humanoid peoples of the Witch World came through portals, magically created. This allowed them to leave their own world, and enter another. This required a group of strong magic users, and a level of despiration that forced them to leave.

The Falconers, settled in an otherwise uninhabited coastal region. In their early history there was a woman of power who was able to enslave the males and lure the women to her cause. War within the race caused the death of most of the population. The few people left fled south and founded settlements in the mountains just south of the Dales. At that time the women were kept apart because "She could always work through them." The very isolation of the region that was settled, worked in the favor of this type of divided society.

My impressions of the early days of the mountain settlements, was sort of monastic. At some point it was decided that the race should continue, and people volunteered to sire and birth children. At some point, there becomes a altering in this situation. Now the women are forced to live apart, and equally forced to have children. The sons are always taken away.

The Falconers - Paul B. - June 16th, 2003


I have just one quibble with your description. You said they moved into the mountains just south of the Dales, but don't you mean just south of Estcarp? The Dales are on the other (Western?) continent.

Paul Baughman

The Falconers - Irene - June 17th, 2003

I don't have my map in front of me. I definitely don't have any of the books.

Feel free to make any corrections to my memory that you need to.

The Falconers - Unregistered - June 18th, 2003

There is a short story about Rivery and his Sulcarwoman which pretty much answers your questions. It was included in a book of short stories by Miss Norton although I don't have the book in front of me at the moment.