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Time Travel Movies - BloggerBunny_25 - July 2nd, 2021

Do the hair-raising plots of top time travel movies fascinate you? Did the incidents of the future, and travel back to the past ever captivate you? Yes, millions like you love watching time travel movies on-screen but scratch their head while understanding the complex storylines and astonishing plot twists of sci-fi movies.

RE: Time Travel Movies - Michael - July 3rd, 2021

Time travel movies are among my favorite science fiction motifs, although they can be poorly done. There is something about the idea of visiting the past that appeals to many people. It's not so much about misplaced nostalgia as an innate curiosity about what the world was like before us.

Of course, a common plot twist in time travel stories is that someone changes history, and then someone else has to fix the timeline. That gets a bit old after a while, but it does allow writers to explore alternate ideas. I've been watching Disney's Loki and it's interesting to see how they have taken this alternate timeline idea to such extremes.