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Yurth Burden - discussion - Marron4Gateau - February 17th, 2021

She was a bit harsh with this one and I felt missed the point of what Andre was exploring in it. It feels like she's criticizing the story for what it isn't rather than for what it is.

RE: Yurth Burden - discussion - Lots-A-Watts - February 17th, 2021

(February 17th, 2021, 05:02 PM)Marron4Gateau Wrote:

She was a bit harsh with this one and I felt missed the point of what Andre was exploring in it. It feels like she's criticizing the story for what it isn't rather than for what it is.

Yep - Because that is what she does best.

RE: Yurth Burden - discussion - Irene - February 18th, 2021

Controversy makes good press. I am just thankful that she continues these reviews. The reviews bring Andre Norton books that haven't been on Library bookshelves for decades, back into the public view.... Or at least the TOR view.

RE: Yurth Burden - discussion - Irene - April 2nd, 2021

I've finally started to re-read this book. Each time I do, I am reminded of a similar book VOORLOPER.

The covers are way different, but the stories of two races of man co-inhabiting the same planet. they were written about two years apart, and I "see" the Alicia Austin illustrations being used for both..... Or at least the first chapters of YURTH BURDEN could have one group wearing the slightly Russian peasant clothing.

Back to my reading now.

RE: Yurth Burden - discussion - Irene - April 3rd, 2021

YURTH BURDEN by Andre Norton

It is true that any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. Also, the cover art for the DAW paper edition, though by Jack Gaughan, is wrong. Enough that it might be a cover from another book, that DAW had in their files.

There are two groups of human living on this planet. The Yurth, of the title, and the Raski. The planet is harsh, with hard winters, and dry plains. The Raski live in villages. But at the mud hut, and scrabble farming level. They are a feudal society with a central king. The Yurth live at a similar level, choosing to live in caves and stick (withie?) low buildings. The Yurth say that they have chosen to live this way, and as a rite of passage to adult hood, all go on a pilgrimage. They take plain trail bread, and a walking stick, and a single word of power. Passing through a Raski town causes black looks, and a feeling of hate that Elossa of the Yurth can feel. In fact the Yurth have trained themselves to mind power, which can cause illusions, and mind reading to the unwary. Elossa senses that she is being trailed, and so meets Stans of the Raski, and of a family that once ruled the major city. As Elossa follows where she is pulled, it is across a ruined city, and to a strange half buried globe. She uses the word of power, and she, and Stans, are able to enter, and find out the Burden of the Yurth.

This would have been an even shorter work (it is 158 pages), if the story ends there, but no there are more mysteries to solve, people to free, things to do.
A couple of problems. Elossa, is wearing a skirt like garment, of self woven cloth with a cape & walking stick. I would have expected the Yurth to be wearing leggings, and to have carried some more supplies, and that those supplies need more than a belt pouch & be better protected. But though the food was destroyed by falling in water, the healing goop seemed to have survived. Maybe the healing stuff was in the "bag" that she drops several pages in.
Elossa sees plenty of horses as she moves out of the village, even one that remembers being free, but there don't seem to be free range horses, nor does her trailing Raski ride one. That Raski, Stans is described as carrying a hunter's gear, and a sword. He has a bow & bow case, but not food supplies, nor a canteen.

Now I'll go read Judith Tarr's review.