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Tiger king on Netflix - badlands - April 1st, 2020

Confused Has anyone seen it? I have only seen parts.

RE: Tiger king on Netflix - Bacchus - April 1st, 2020

I’m not sure this is the best forum for this thread, but since he did run for OK Governor, I’ll let it stand.

The show is a slow-moving train wreck, but strangely compelling. Just about everyone profiled is a legitimately awful person. Here’s a partial list of topics in the show.

Murder for hire plot
Alleged murder of someone’s husband, with the corpse fed to the cats
Polygamy, heterosexual
Polygamy, homosexual
Quixotic political campaigns
Gratuitous gunfire and explosions
Meth mouth
Someone loses an arm
Someone else dies
A drug trafficking execution is recounted

You feel a little dirty after watching it, but it is entertaining in a WTF kind of way